Friday, 4 May 2007

Oh JOY (or is that just a tad too solipsistic ?)

Found it ... yes, my original 1st May post for Goldfish's Blogging Against Disablism Day.

Bloggers - if ever you delete something by mistake, or Blogger steps in and does it for you, do not despair. Via my site meter I found that the www had somehow stashed my 1st May BADD post and resurrected it. So I clicked and found it, saved it as a html file, then saved that as a text file.

All I have to do now is print it, then type it out again onto my blog. (I know that some of you will say: no, just paste it, but that has never ever worked for me, my brain, my fingers or my operating system.

I think it is worth doing and will, just as soon as ...

I will leave the original up because that has comments I value and treasure. If this is all getting a little too complicated, just leave me to bumble along on my own, very happily !


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