Friday, 25 February 2011

SCDS - Superior Semi-Circular Canal Dehiscence Syndrome

Natural sounds are not a problem, so the ripples of the river over a long forgotten ford, patterns of sound and light, are pleasant.

Man made sounds are a huge problem ... plastic bags rustling, air-con, traffic, crowds, amplified sound - but not acoustic instruments, so the orchestra causes no pain in the auditorium, until the cymbals clash.

Yes, its real. Its not me, its not emotional, stress-related, neurotic, histrionic or hypochondrial.
Its a named and recognised (since 1998) medical condition.

Its located in the inner ear, the superior semi circular canal - and I think I am right in saying that 'dehiscence' means thinning or holes in the bone, that surround the organ/s of the inner ear. Due to that dehiscence, sound travels inter-cranially - direct into the brain cavity, not via the proper channels - is it any wonder I get brain tired ! My poor brain ! And SCDS incorporates 'Autophony' and Tullio's Phenomenon.

What are REAL and ACKNOWLEDGED now are the sound-related problems that I have had since the early 1990s - that stopped me circle dancing, swimming in indoor pools (so not much swimming at all in the UK where its to to to c - c - cold to swim in outside pools most of year and in the sea rarely) ... and eventually singing in choirs. All noise related inhibitors to my favourite leisure pursuits, but I could still work full time, in a quiet environment. But then I got .... (or rather, I had a flare of what I was born with, but no one knew it .... ) LUPUS.

Its the Lupus - SLE - Systemic Lupus Erythematosus - that brought me the electric wheels, which was a great help with the SCDS / Meniere's Syndrome /Tullio's Phenomenon - related dizzyness.

My Goodness Me - what a list of ailments. But, actually, life is pretty good.

I have a lovely accessible home in a lovely part of the world and good friends, and just enough support from social services to make the necessary bits of life (not forgetting housework) work.

There are links on the list on the right of this page to support and information. If you too have any of these medical issues, and the links don't answer your questions, leave a comment below and I may be able to suggest further sources of information.



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