Monday, 9 January 2012

The Sky is Falling In (DLA and Benefits reform)

IF the sky were falling in that catastrophe would affect 100% of the population, including lazy and/or mendacious MPs, government ministers, bankers and other ankers, together with those readers of the daily 'popular' 'newspapers' (sic) who read inaccurate alarmist stories (yes, stories not facts) and think that those of us dependent on benefits are somehow taking advantage of the system, to their detriment. As if we had the spare energy to defeat the mighty machine of DWP/HMRC and all its tentacles.
So, the sky is not falling in and we, the sick and impaired, are on our own.

Some capable sick and impaired people are DOING A LOT ABOUT IT, so sincere thanks from this old(ish) bird who can't do much at present, except report it here. Tweeting is beyond my capacity. (Pun intended.) Please click on the link below, follow their links, and do what you can to STOP THE SKY FALLING IN !


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