Thursday, 18 July 2013

When All is Not Well - but Gosh its Hot !

When all is not well, time and professional help are what are needed.  Sitting in shade in a peaceful garden soothes.   When Carl Jung was overwhelmed he started building, stone by stone, and this was the result, on the lake shore, Bollingen.  It is still there and it is possible to virtually visit via the web live maps.

Onwards .... !

Gosh it is HOT:

Another hot day to get through ...
How could we ever feel cold
Or disbelieve the wind would drop,
Rain stop and shivering cease.

Cow slop, pig shit; its all the same,
Tractor spread, baked on tarmac,
Run through, passed by 
On wheels of car and trike,
Waved over by wilting garden roses,
Herbage, grass seeds, weeds.

Conversations begun, then stilted
Lolling in a garden chair,
Revived by chink of glass and ice
And a new neighbour's breath 
Of fresh air.

How could we ever mind the chill
Of running to the bin,
When now we stagger (have another gin),
Disbelieving it is thirty degrees, 
Again !

(Actually it was 31.5 on the village road today)


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