Monday, 10 April 2006

Spring sprung twice and more on the domestic front

Spring sprung twice, oops.
And the freezer glided beautifully - it was empty !
Why does this feel as if my OT is watching ?

My philosphy is I will only find out that I can no longer do it, when I can't and until then, I do.
For which I am grateful. If I fall I know I cannot get up, so I do a risk assessment first. Today I assessed the freezer to be more at risk than me. It survived, and the pain and muscle weakness I was left with took my mind off the pulsing tinnitus.

The pesky sparrow that is squatting in the new des.res. put up under the eaves last autumn is under notice, because I saw my first House Martin at 7.45 pm, wheeling in from Africa, enjoying the sunset and feeding above the meadow, so back to the hawthorn with you little sparrow, so that I may be serenaded night and morn by the sweet chortlings of my summer neighbours. I visited them in Algeria one September years ago, so it is lovely they come to stay with me each summer.

The AGA oil supply is now run dry so its chilly in here, and the oil tank stays empty, until the architect, OT, council DFG man, and me, decide where the wheelchair access ramp is going, in case the oil tank needs to be moved. It is only 2 degrees C outside at the moment, so not really warm enough, but nevermind, I have my comfort blanket to keep me warm.

I do have a life outside the domestic round truly, but during the days affected by weekly drug side effects I am more of a spectator, and now - a blogging commentator. To myself mainly, but I welcome comments.


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