Sunday, 19 November 2006

I can't title this without swearing

So, ...., ...., ....ity, f...

My laptop is causing me physical problems, someone very kindly picked up my blog about it and posted it on The Science Forum but I cannot engage with that without ... physical problems caused by my laptop, let alone cogdysfunc to relate it and respond to further questions.

I cannot engage with it, because I am not taking the tablets that give me a few good days each week, which enable me to engage my brain and think things through.

I am not taking the tablets because I am going into hospital very very soon. Possibly. Maybe.

On the way out of the house to the hospital (a different hospital) on Friday morning, to see the Rheumatologist, I fell. Only two inches down a step, but OMG you should see the state of my foot. Three times the size and black. It hurts. The Rheumatologist saw it an hour later, before swelling and bruising and didn't think I had broken anything, but my driving there and back was a mistake. Rest it, she said. I am awaiting advice, as to whether this will complicate surgery. Or even postpone it. Again.

On Saturday the stair lift failed. My only loo is upstairs (until Adaptations and Disabled Facilities are built). Within two hours the technician replaced the batteries. Excellent service.

This afternoon the stair lift failed again. The technician (again, excellent service) said it was the motherboard. Should be able to get the part to fix it by Tuesday (Tuesday !).

So I have spent the weekend going up and down the stairs seated on my arse.

At approximately 8 am tomorrow the world will begin to sort this little lot out.

I may be back. Or I may be gone. Or I may just stay here until after Christmas !

Which would be quite good actually, because then I can go to all those concerts and carol services and exhibitions and films that I have not been thinking about because I don't want to face the world with a strip of hair shaved off and stitches across the top of my head.

My 'Bump' bless her, arrived this afternoon with her entire collection of silk scarves, for me to practice fetching arrangements with.

I would rather just stay where I am and let my foot heal (joke! foot - heel !) and watch the Rugby. With a remote control to let visitors in the door. With a laptop that does not fry my hand and arm.

But if I don't go into hospital because of my foot, I might miss Mac from Green Wing on his motorbike.

(Pic goes here ... except ... Blogger has joined in the general mayhem and won't let me upload a fabulous fantasy picture.)

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Blogger BloggingMone said...

Hi Sally, sorry to hear about your foot and all the other not-so-good- news. Hope there will be brighter days soon! Mmh...there must be some solution on how to use the laptop without physical pain, though.
I hope your stay at the hospital will be short and successful!

Tuesday, 21 November 2006 at 12:43:00 GMT  

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