Thursday, 12 July 2007

Join in the Dance

Miss Moppet - Beatrix Potter
from The Project Gutenberg EBook

Rather than add another postscript to the post below, I begin another post on a postive note, inspired by Dave Hingsburger over at Chewing the Fat.

(Now I have a bit of a tech problem here; clicking on the 'edit Html' tab does not work, ever. So forgive the clunky lack of proper links. Yesterday I thought it was me, today its got to be them.)

Synchronistically, Dave writes in his 10 July post JIG: " ... One of our problems, I believe, is that we are always two much intimidated by what's yet to be done, what's got to be done, what's on the agenda to be done - that we are so crushed by future battles that we don't celebrate present victories. So, I'm celebrating." (By doing a Jig, but we didn't get to see that.)

So, so true, so here's a celebration of good news on one aspect of life that was contributing to my 'crash' blogged on my last post - I will soon be able to wave at my WAV.

I was right to sit tight with fingers crossed. The company converting the veedub into a wheelchair accessible vehicle, have re-thunked, following Motability's refusal to pay more, and come up with a face saving reason to go back to the specification we agreed last October that Motability did approve, which I am happy with.


Although one has to be realistic when one is celebrating ... driving back from the library with a copy of Miss Potter dvd, a stone flew up and cracked the windscreen of my current leased WAV. That is another thing to sort out. But at least I do have a vehicle and independence and can sort it out.

For all the encouragement at 'Chewing the Fat' to celebrate victories won, I am not going to attempt to dance a jig - that would be tempting fate, and completely destroy the image of this crip that I am describing in the IB50 postscripted below.



Blogger cusp said...

I've lurked here for quite a while but this is just to say thank you for sharing such intimate and heartfelt struggles in your last post. Don't want to get 'mushy' but you are really inspiring and it's blogs like yours that help other people get through

Friday, 13 July 2007 at 10:56:00 BST  
Blogger Sally's Life said...

Thank you Cusp and welcome. Mushyness is fine; I think it is important to admit to ourselves through our blog just how hard it is, the reality, for our own sakes and for others. Having spent years in counsellor training analysis and self awareness training groups, it (disclosure) is a familiar place to be for me, but putting it out here into the blogosphere feels a bit fragile, so again, many thanks for your comment.

I am linking to your blog, and have enjoyed reading yours. I am familiar with ME from a close family member.

I am here thanks to the encouragement, support and inspiration of other bloggers also fighting the good fight, also linked here.

Friday, 13 July 2007 at 14:00:00 BST  

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