Wednesday, 19 April 2006

The b..... got me. (Not Safe to be Out Part 2)

I do love our English bobbies, especially the handsome ones who are kind and who call me by my first name rather than Mrs .... which I am not, thank you.

Not safe to be out ? B....y ba....d in a white van got me - but I got him, hence my love of English bobbies. I am conscious that swearing maybe received as more offensive than talk of sex (which was refreshing, thank you), but I had to get it out !

I have had (had had, did have ?) a wonderful afternoon with my PA at Salisbury Cathedral, on a tour with a group of friends, one of whom is a very knowledgable and entertaining guide. The Cathedral is more accessible than my parish church, not that I am a regular at either, being far too far into alternatives.

My parish church is not wheelchair accessible but has a pleasant churchyard which is a good place to sit. It is on a little hill adjoining farmland, above a stream, and its been there for probably 600 odd years, and the church wears its Victorian make-over without too much fuss. A good friend was buried there, far too young, a few years ago, so when its warm enough, occasionally I go and sit near her. A bit like telling the bees. Its peaceful and rural, and its a nice trundle through the village in my powerchair.

When I asked the parochial church council to put a permanent ramp over the Victorian step into the building (which when built had no need of steps and had an ancient extra wide doorway), and they said no, I said fine, I'll go to Salisbury then ! (so there !). I have not been inside the parish church since.

Salisbury Cathedral is magnificient, totally wheelchair accessible, good cake, prayers, excellent choirs of both boys and girls, the first girls choir in the country. An organ with base notes that get into the very fabric of your physical being, and the stained glass gladdens the eye and expands the soul. Its also a feminine church, dedicated to Mary.

The Cathedral (for those who don't know) was originally at 'Old Sarum' atop a prehistoric mound. The new location is built on gravel, with a river flowing under it, and with foundations in part only 4 feet deep, which is why the spire (404 feet high) isn't quite as central as it was in 1220. I
t has a ley line going through the transept and a strong spiral under the spire. Which came first, the spire or the spiral, who can tell.

At Salisbury Cathedral they have a daily tradition of short prayers on the hour, reminding us of its purpose, and the organ is played beforehand, but floats in quietly, and floats off again just before prayers. The tour lasted two hours and with three stops for prayers, at the end of the afternoon it felt like a short pilgrimage; a progression around the space, and a little feast in the refrectory afterwards. Lovely.

Then three miles down the road on the way home, the white van got me. He overtook on a double white line (no overtaking) approaching a hill, and when I braked (as he couldn't see over the hill if there was any traffice coming) and sounded my horn, he deliberately swerved into me, with a loud bang, then sped off. It was the look he gave me as he overtook just before the bang that convinces me it was deliberate. I was very shaken, but conscious of my insurers (Motability) I got his number. OH YES, I got his number and phoned the police, who came within twenty minutes, as I mentioned the wheelchair, excellent service. And the police will be interviewing the white van man soon!

But he has damaged the front wing quite badly, which means a spell in the body shop for my van, so I will be home based in my rural village while it is being repaired, as without the van I cannot transport my powerchair. The bobby said it is an offence not to stop after a road traffic collision, and fortunately I have a witness in my PA, so we will be making statements and the police will be interviewing the driver. They've got him. Yes. (So why do I feel scared now, which is why I am blogging it, to offload.)

Another pot of tea is required now I think.

But first, thanks for comments on my previous blogs, very much appreciated. I will respond on those pages.


Blogger Charlesdawson said...

I hope they nail the bastard (sorry). I think it remarkable that you managed to keep your cool long enough to get his number - all too often, people don't.

Thursday, 20 April 2006 at 14:38:00 BST  
Blogger Sally's Life said...

Thank you Charles, my PA was impressed too ! I was conscious of having to find the insurance excess if I didn't get his number.
Weird thing is, when today I reported the insurance claim, Motability said they had two other phone calls from the same area; I asked was a white van creating mayhem, but they wouldn't say. Could be just coincidence.

Thursday, 20 April 2006 at 21:21:00 BST  

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